• max 33cc / min 5cc
  • max gallons 15.7 per min / min gallons 0.26 per min
  • Viton seals used through out
  • User friendly
  • 11.5cc max / 1.8cc min capacity
  • Inlet port 3/4" NPTF, Outlet port 1/2" NPTF
  • Max gallons per/min 5.4 / min gallons per/min .09
  • max speed rev/min 1800 / min speed rev/min 200
  • Pump can be adjusted accurately from 0 - 6.0 cm3/rev
  • Can be applied with TDI, MDI, and TDI/MDI mixes and polyether and polyester resins.
  • Loose port plate
  • Control: FA, MB, MD
  • 10mm
  •  Orifice sizes: .05MM through 4.2MM.  Your specific sizes supplied with mix head
  • Chemical & Hydraulic ports
  • 3rd Stream color port for dosing system or recirculation system 
  • Long wearing Clean-out and pour rods
  • adjustable clean-out stroke for better mix control
  • 2 proximity switches - PNP 3-wired D.C. current, normally open
  • Orifice sizes: .05MM through 4.2MM.  Your specific sizes supplied with mix head
  • Orfice sizes: 0.5MM through 4.2MM
  • Chemical and hydraulic ports: SAE straight thread O ring fittings with JCI 37° flared ends.  Your specific sizes supplied with mix head
  • Long-wearing clean out and pour rods
  • Third stream color port

MHR is a company that repairs and produces pressure mix heads, metering pumps, and flow meters. They are located in Brentwood, TN. They sell replacement parts for your mix head needs as well as offering many services to repair various types of machines. 

If you are interested in replacement parts or anything else MHR has to offer please contact us. Here at Elite Metal Tools we offer great customer service and low prices.