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Wood is a renewable and sustainable building and crafting material. Though very strong, wood is able to flex under stress and still maintain its strength. Due to its cellular structure, wood is a fantastic natural insulator, insulating 15 times better than concrete and over 1,000 times better than metals. Also, the production and processing of wood uses far less energy than concrete and steel. Using one cubed meter of wood over one cubed meter of concrete reduces the amount of released CO₂ by one ton. Wood was one of the first materials worked by early humans. Because of this, we can assume that woodworking is one of earth's oldest skills and trade. The development of civilization was closely tied to the development of increasingly greater degrees of skill in working raw materials. As woodworking skill advanced, so did the technology with which we worked wood. Prior to the development of electric motors powerful enough to do tasks woodworking tools were occasionally powered by water current, however the predominant number of woodworking tools were handheld or powered by man. Though tooling technology improved the speed at which craftsmen could work wood, as well as the replicability and consistency of mass-produced pieces, it did not improve the quality of finished products. Wood's versatility is the key reason it remains as the primary material for craftsmen. We at Elite Metal Tools recognize the importance of this craft and the necessity to have the most reliable machines to get the job done. Any shop, big or small, we have the right machine for you.
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