• Dry Production: 70lbs/hour
  • Wet Production: 140lbs/hour
  • Dent-proof, rust-proof tumbler trims wet or dry
  • Easy to clean and GMP-ready
  • 110 lbs dry product per hour
  • Quality 304 stainless construction
  • GMP compliant and easy to clean
  • Power Requirements: 115V Single Phase, 6 Amp

The Mobius line of post-harvest equipment is designed for growers who are operating in a large-scale, highly regulated environments, where SOPs and often GMP requirements drive processing operations. Mobius has invested heavily in developing the training resources and technical documentation necessary to serve this sophisticated segment of the market. The core equipment line-up includes buckers, trimmers, mills and other processing accessories. All Mobius equipment is designed and manufactured in Canada. All machines and sub-assemblies carry an appropriate North American certification marking.