OZ Machine

  • Rapid angle positioning of heads with servo control at any angles between: -22.5° and 45°
  • Saw blade motor power: 3 kW
  • Robot gripper X axis positioning speed: 3,540” / min
  • Maximum profile loading length: 236”
  • KW: 1.1
  • RPM: 12000
  • Hz: 200
  • Air consumption: 9 L / min

Founded in 1980 and is now a leading manufacturer with aluminum and PVC/ vinyl sectors. OZ Machine is located in Attica, Indiana. They have a highly qualified work team that puts together superior quality machines. They sell products such as cutting machines, clamps, and routers. 

If you are interested in routers or anything else OZ Machine has to offer, please contact us. Here at Elite Metal Tools we strive to give our customers the best machines at a low price with great customer service.