Woodworking Accessories

  • Adds 18" to diameter of workpiece when mounted down on the leg
  • Cast iron construction
  • Cast iron construction offers solid durability
  • Extends bed length by 18"
  • Extends bed length by 18" when mounted to the end of the bed
  • Compatible with Powermatic PM2000B and PM3000B Table Saws
  • Heavy duty build quality and design
  • Above the table height and lock adjustment results in simpler, more efficient adjustments
  • Fits Powermatic PM2000B Router Extension Table, and Jet Router Table
  • Precision milled aluminum carriage bracket and level screws result in a smooth, accurate, and easily adjustable work surface
  • Sturdy Four-Post, chain driven design ensures smooth operation
  • No miter slot limitation
  • Can be used on the left or right side of the blade
  • Easy On/Off Operation
  • Great for small tables
  • Easily placed with in the existing table structure of the PM2820EVS
  • Includes MDF modular table, (2) MicroJig Match fit Dovetail Clamps, (2) XPADs, (6) Dovetail Track Screws, and hardware
  • For 3HP unit
  • Proprietary HEPA Filter Medium technology
  • Replacement filter for Powermatic PM2200 Cyclonic Dust Collector
  • Add 24" to the diameter of the workpiece when mounted down on the leg
  • Adds 20" to working distance between centers
  • Includes tool rest post
  • Mounts to predrilled holes in the end of the bed or on the leg
  • 2D and 3D carving, 0.10° Tapered Angle Ball Tip, 1/4" Dia, 1/8" Radius, 1-1/2" Cutting Height, 1/4" Shank, 3" Long with 2 Flute - Solid Carbide (ZrN Coated)
  • 2D and 3D Carving, 5.4° Tapered Angle Ball Tip; 1/16" Dia, 1/32" Radius, 1" Cutting Height, 1/4" Shank, 3" Long with 4 Flute - Solid Sub Micrograin Carbide (ZrN Coated)
  • Carbide Tipped Bottom Cleaning/Spoilboard, Upshear Design; 1-1/2" Dia, 5/8" Cutting Height, 1/2" Shank
  • Carbide Tipped Core Box; 1/2" Dia, 1/4" Radius 3/8" Cutting Height, 1/2" Shank
  • Carbide Tipped V Groove, 90° Angle; 5/8" Dia, 1/2" Cutting Height, 1/2" Shank
  • Bolts securely to the fence rails
  • Duramine™ surface allows smooth workpiece travel, while offering durability
  • Fits JET JWL-1440VS, JWL-1640EVS, JWL-1840EVS and JWL-1840DVR lathes
  • Includes tool rest riser
  • Mounts on the end of the bed to allow 60” between centers or down on the leg to add 18” to the diameter of the workpiece
  • Will not work on the JWL-1442VS or JWL-1642EVS
  • Complete unit
  • Simply plug in your dust collector to the transmitter for instant remote control, no wiring needed
  • Works with all Dust Collection units 1-3/4 HP and smaller (115V ONLY)
  • Floor Stand includes the power switch and miter gauge
  • Included miter gauge results in more accurate cuts at a variety of angles
  • Integrated mobile base allows for maximum mobility.
  • On board tool storage for increased efficiency when routing
  • Power Switch allows for power to be controlled away from the router
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Simple operation
  • For JWDS-2244, JWDS-2244OSC, and JWDS-2550 JET drum sanders
  • Compatible with JET 708599 Disc Sander
  • Shop the Jet Parts Store for all your replacement part needs
  • Large paddle style button with safety lock-out feature
  • Magnetic base for positioning anywhere on the lathe
  • Compatible with Powermatic 3520A Lathe
  • JET Carbide Turning Tool Set includes 4 interchangeable cutting blades: Square (11mm), Square Arc (11mm), Round (12mm), and Diamond (28mm).
  • Light weight extendable anodized aluminum handle. Main handle is 11" with a 10.5" extension.
  • JET Carbide Turning Tool Set is packed in a custom wood case.
  • Stainless steel shaft will not rust
  • Carbide blades have a long cutting life
  • Compatible with the Powermatic PJ-882HH jointer
  • Compatible with the Powermatic PJ882 jointer
  • Heavy-duty frame is welded tubular steel for strong support
  • Steel wheels provide easy mobility, independently lock for stability