Woodworking Accessories

  • Copious height adjustment to work with any full-size lathe
  • Curved casting accepts tool rests with 1" diameter pins
  • For Powermatic Models 3520, 3520A, 3520B, 3520C, 4224, and 4224B
  • Heavy-duty design for large turning projects
  • Cleanable to extend lifespan
  • Up to 18 months life cycle with regular maintenance
  • Weight 3.3 lbs
  • Compatible with PM1250 Air Filtration System
  • Visit Powermatic and Jet Tool Parts Stores for all your replacement part needs
  • Does not interfere with bed extension mounted in lower position
  • Easily swing the lathe tailstock down and store it out of the way
  • Fits Powermatic 4224B lathes
  • Quickly locks to the lathe bed with a few turns of the handle
  • Fits 15" x 15" band saw tables.
  • For use with JET JRF-`4 band saw
  • Aluminum material
  • Add 24" to the diameter of the workpiece when mounted down on the leg
  • Adds 20" to working distance between centers
  • Includes tool rest post
  • Mounts to predrilled holes in the end of the bed or on the leg
  • Bowl Turning Tool Rest (Right)
  • Fits 3520A, 3520B, 3520C, and 4224 Lathes
  • Compatible with Powermatic 3520A, 3520B, 3520C, and 4224 Lathes
  • Fits most JET benchtop machines.
  • The table has a 20" x 29" work surface.
  • Table height is adjustable from 30" to 35".
  • Steel construction with solid top. Can hold up to 400 pounds.
  • The bottom frame has holes for users to cut their own shelves for added storage.
  • Allows for accurate, repeatable cuts
  • Compatible with Powermatic PM2000B Table Saws
  • Fits 20" Jet Planers and all Powermatic Planers
  • Absolute and relative scales measures both actual board thickness and material to be removed
  • Digital display for quick and precise table setting
  • Fits many JET benchtop machines.
  • Bolt two machines, one on either side of the flip top, for maximum storage.
  • Ergonomic handles on either side make rotating and locking the flip top easy.
  • The table has a 20" x 25" work surface.
  • Table height is adjustable from 30" to 35".
  • Set of four single-sided knives.
  • Crafted from high-speed steel (HSS)
  • Cast using investment casting technology to ensure all knives are identical.
  • 20" x 1" x 1/8"
  • Complete unit
  • Simply plug in your dust collector to the transmitter for instant remote control, no wiring needed
  • Works with all Duct Collectors up to 3 HP (230V ONLY)
  • Reduces air resistance to provide a 10 to 20 percent more CFM than conventional dust collectors
  • Includes a canister filter and 5 clear plastic collection bags
  • Transparent bags make it easy to tell when they are full
  • Designed for the 708640 DC 650A dust collector
  • Can be used with blades from 3/16" to 1-1/4" wide at speeds up to 5000 SFPM to handle most cutting projects
  • Double sealed bearings keep dust out to prolong guide life
  • Durable dual bearing system is micro-adjustable above and below the table
  • Mounting Studs and Hardware
  • Three bearing contact points maximize support while minimizing friction for longer guide and blade life
  • Saw Blade (105" x 3/8" x 6TPI)
  • Compatible with Jet 14" Bandsaws with 7/8" Guide Post
  • Extruded aluminum crosscut fence slides on table and quickly adjusts to varying angles
  • Fence holders on tube legs assist in storing fence when not in use
  • Fits PM2000B and PM3000B Powermatic Table Saws
  • Max rip capacity with fence in the front position is 39” and 41" to 49” with fence in the rear position
  • Maximum table travel is 62 1/2" and miter angle adjusts from 0 to 50 deg. with six hard stops
  • Bowl Turning Tool Rest (Left)
  • Fits 3520A, 3520B, 3520C, and 4224 Lathes
  • Easily bolt to PM2014 Lathe for extended bed length or out board turning support.
  • Includes tool post extension for out board turning.
  • Supplies support for outboard turning and finishing.
  • Two positions give users the option to extent the bed or create support for outboard turning
  • Bolts securely to the fence rails
  • Duramine™ surface allows smooth workpiece travel, while offering durability
  • Expands the table saw's capacity, especially useful for panel cutting
  • Hole for mounting Rout-R-Lift® (not included)