• Filtration Power: Up to 198 lbs/min
  • Particle Uptake: 5.5 lbs
  • Suction Depth:  ~ 17.7 in
  • Max Temperature: 397°F
  • Filtration Power: Up to 66 lbs/min
  • Particle Uptake: 23.5 lbs
  • Pumping Capacity: 77 lbs/min
  • Temperature: Max. 200°C / 397°F
  • One Box (50 Particle Filters)
  • For Veto Models: 60/90

Founded in 2001 and became a global player in the industry of portable filtration systems. VITO AG is located in Germany. They make it a promise to their customers that only the products of the highest quality will leave their facility. They sell products such as oil filtration systems and coolant particle fill paper. 

If you are interested in oil filtration systems or anything else VITO AG has to offer, please contact us. At Elite Metal Tools we work together as a team to make sure our customers get the best prices and great customer service.