Quantum Hydraulic 10 Foot Press Brake MP3003CNC


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  • Punch working speed: 0.26"/s.
  • Return speed of the punch: 1.70"/s.
  • Lowering speed of the punch: 1.0"/s.
  • Maximum punch displacement: 6.29"
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Our MP Series Hydraulic Press Brakes take sheet metal bending to a whole new level, offering outstanding efficiency and precision. With a chassis of welded, stabilized and machined steel, external design featuring stripped-down lines for a solid appearance, and improved structural calculations, these new hydraulic press brakes set themselves up as the new cornerstone for the sheet metalwork industry. Among the elements that make the new Nargesa CNC hydraulic press brakes ideal for the sheet metalwork industry, we highlight the following: the adaptive electronic pressure control system which ensures the force required for each operation; the chassis bending electronic compensator which gives optimum bending precision with different sheet metal lengths; the micrometric resolution optical encoder which permits perfect positioning of the vertical axis of bending; the sophisticated electronic compensation system for hydraulic oil temperature, which can be configured using software to offer repeat bending at different working temperatures; the self-monitoring safety hydraulic system contained in a single unit which provides manometer pressure information at all times with optics indication of the status of valves and sensors, transmitting movement to the vertical bending axis ensuring precision to within 0.01mm, and a servo motor driven back gauge with maximum precision recirculating ball screw guide which reduces X and R axis positioning error to less than 0.05 mm and the option for manual adjustment of the Z axis; and 2.0 connectivity for seamless LAN integration of machines via a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection for the remote control, management, diagnosis and update of machines. A full range of specifications designed to provide maximum performance using technological components of the highest quality to make the operator’s job easier.


Punch working speed: 0.26"/s.
Return speed of the punch: 1.70"/s.
Lowering speed of the punch: 1.0"/s. 
Maximum punch displacement: 6.29"
Inner folding length: 106.29" / 8'-10"
Total folding length: 123" / 10'-3"
Back gauge displacement: 23.6"
Neck: 12.59"
Motor power: 9.5 KW / 12 HP.
Three phase power: 230V or 480V
Hydraulic Power: 120 Tons
Dimensions: 147" x 64" x 110"
Weight: 20,100 lbs.
The machine is delivered completely assembled.

Fitted with high-specification CNC control, the operation of these complex machines is now easier and more intuitive than ever before. It's colour, high-resolution touchscreen graphics interface and powerful CPU enable the most complicated bending operations to be processed effortlessly and sophisticated algorithms to be calculated in mere microseconds, so you get the highest performance out of these pieces of engineering excellence.

Standard Equipment Included:

Automatic control of vertical bending axis (Y axis).
Back gauge fitted with BOSCH REXROTH recirculating ball screw guides, ESA servo motor automatic control of horizontal axis (X axis), manual control of vertical axis (R axis) and manual control of transverse axis (Z axis) with parallel alignment and curvature adjustment.
Promecam punch clamping system with segmented flanges.
Promecam punch, reference PS.135.85.R08, induction tempered in working and grinding zones.
Promecam die, reference M.460.R, induction tempered in working and grinding zones.
ESA numerical control, reference S630.
Chassis bending electronic compensator.
Complete software for Windows PC with bending simulator and CNC optimiser for 2-D graphics programming of bending sequence, with full library of Promecam punches and dies.
Euro Promecam system with die guiderail.
GIVI MISURE high-precision optical encoder, 0.005 mm resolution.
Hydraulic unit with 24 VDC redundant safety valves with optics and pressure indication.
Electronic compensation of hydraulic oil temperature.
Adaptive electronic pressure control.
Front arms which slide on linear recirculating ball screw guides for optimum sheet metal grip.
Side doors with electronic safety control.
High-frequency laser sensor system unaffected by external light sources.
Software-configured electronic muting system.
LED directional light strip for bending zone.
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit LAN connectivity.
USB 2.0 ports and VGA connector for updates, backup and peripherals.
10” colour touchscreen graphics interface, high resolution, multi-language (over 20 languages).
Basic software installed in the CNC control containing a full library of Promecam punches and dies, and for creating, modifying and editing bending programs in numerical mode, which can be enlarged with additional software modules.

Shipping Method
20,100 lb
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Quantum Hydraulic 10 Foot Press Brake MP3003CNC
  • Quantum Hydraulic 10 Foot Press Brake MP3003CNC at Elite Metal Tools
  • Quantum Hydraulic 10 Foot Press Brake MP3003CNC at Elite Metal Tools
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