Betenbender HMI 35 Ton Hydraulic C-Frame Model 3514


Manufacturer Part: EMT ID:

  • 14" Throat Depth
  • 11" Stroke Length
  • Large press bed to accommodate a variety of tooling.
  • 12 month manufactures warranty, built in the USA.
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The line of Betenbender HMI C-Frame Pess offers the best value in any line of C-Frame pressing equipment today! With a the wide range of tonnages, throat heights, throat depths and stroke length. There is a machine to fit your needs!

  • Large heavy duty design of the press frame to limit the deflection
  • Press bed bolted on, not welded, to prevent distortion. Can be easily removed for regrinding or adding more tapped holes
  • Large rectangular tubes used at base of machine to give safe, instant portability.Oil reservoir is located vertically between the side plates to keep the machines foot print as small as possible.
  • Hydraulic system is equipped with a wire mesh strainer on the suction side and a 10 micron filter on the return side to keep the system clean.
  • Pump, motor, valve and reservoir are all easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Large press bed to accommodate a variety of tooling other than just punching.
  • Reservoir filled with oil.
  • Remote foot control, cycle can be stopped and reversed at any point.
  • Lock out - tag out accommodations.
  • Operators manual.

12 month manufactures warranty Built in the USA!

Model 3514
Tonnage Capacity 35 Tons
Length of Stroke 11"
Throat Depth 14"
Throat Height 18"
Press Platen L-R, F-B 36"x16"
Floor to Press Platen 36"
Distance between Housing 221/2"
Open Height 12"
Shut Height 7"
Rod Diameter 3"
Cylinder Bore Diameter 6"
1" Cycles per Minute  42"
Pump Capacity G.P.M 9GPM
Operating Pressure PSI 3000 PSI
Motor 10 H.P. 220V, 3PH
Resevoir Capacity 27 Gallons, Oil furnised
Press Dimensions 47"x36"x811/2"
Weight 4,759Ibs



Country of Origin
United States of America
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Betenbender HMI 35 Ton Hydraulic C-Frame Model 3514
  • Betenbender HMI 35 Ton Hydraulic C-Frame Model 3514 at Elite Metal Tools
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