Atek Bantam 10' Bed 24 Ton Pneumatic Press Brake B1024


Manufacturer Part: EMT ID:

  • Standard American-style 4150 tool steel die set consisting of a 90º top punch and 3/4" bottom die
  • Manual back gauge with screw-adjustable finger stops
  • American Made
  • Operated from 10-110PSI (90PSI gives rated tonnage)
Details below

This press brakes is great for customers looking to purchase a machine that is small in size, light weight and easy to use. Atek press brakes have numerous production functions including bending, flattening and staking. The bed on this machine is vertically adjustable using leveling screws to accommodate different vee die heights. One of the beauties of this machine is the fact it is pneumatic. With it being pneumatic, no need to worry about wires and electrical, install is easy because all you have to do is plug in an air line that is connected to an air compressor. 


  • Adjustable Stroke Depth Control [Requirements for 90 Degree bends, mild steel]
  • Adjustable Die Space
  • Ram Speed Control
  • Safety Hooded Foot Pedal
  • Modular FRL Unit
  • Variable Tonnage Control
  • World Recognition
  • Fully Pneumatic
  • Critical Details
Model B1024
Tooling Space 91/2"
Ram Stroke 0-2"
Bed Adjustment 3"
Window Depth 6"
Window Height 83/4"
Bed & Ram Thick 13/4"
Ram Height N/A
Bed Width N/A
Between Housings N/A
Back Gauge Depth 0-19" Between housings, 21" Between Cylinders
Full Stroke Free Air 4.4CFS
Max. Speed, SPM 20 SPM
Shipping Weight 6000Ibs

Atek Tooling Options:

Atek tooling is standard american-style 4150 steel press brake tooling available for use in all press brakes.  The toolinig is priced by the inch, not the foot.  There is no penalty for buying an off-foot size so common with other tooling manufactures.  A 13" length of tooling carries a 13" price.  The same tool from other manufactures will be priced close to their 2 foot price.  Please contact us for a quote on the tooling you need.  Some of the available tooling is below:

  • 90° Top Punch
  • 3/8" x 90° Vee Die
  • 1/2" x 90º Vee Die
  • 5/8" x 90° Vee Die
  • 3/4" x 90° Vee Die
  • 1" x 90° Vee Die
  • 85º Top Punch
  • 11/2" x 85º Vee Die
  • 2" x 85º Vee Die
  • 18 ga Gooseneck Punch
  • 14 ga Gooseneck Punch
  • 28º Top Punch
  • 3/8" x 30º Vee Die
  • 1/2" 30º Vee Die
  • 28º Top Punch
  • 5/8" x 30º Vee Die
  • 32º Top Punch
  • 1" x 34º Vee Die
  • Flattening Punch & Die
Shipping Method
LTL Freight
6,000 lb
36 × 136 × 45 in
Country of Origin
United States of America
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Atek Bantam 10' Bed 24 Ton Pneumatic Press Brake B1024
  • Atek Bantam 10' Bed 24Ton Pneumatic Press Brake B1024 at Elite Metal Tools
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