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Agricultural technology is among the most revolutionary and impactful areas of modern technology, driven by the fundamental need for food and for feeding an ever-growing population. Over 12,000 years ago, early humans moved from wandering hunter-gatherers to form agricultural societies. This was the first major agricultural revolution and, arguably, the reason the human race has advanced so quickly. Following this initial push toward agriculture was the introduction of permanent dwellings and tribes, forcing farming techniques to improve quickly. These agricultural practices changed and evolved further as farming and domestication practices spread across the globe. The earliest signs of using technology in farming was in 4,000 BCE, when humans used oxen to pull plows and wagons. Farming is among one of mankind's oldest professions, and despite the leaps we have taken in agricultural technology, the core methods of farming and livestock raising have changed very little. For example, a modern combine cuts, threshes, and separates grain in essentially the same way earlier versions have done. The agriculture community has used today's technology to be more precise, less wasteful of seed, fertilizer, and fuel, as well as generating higher yields. Hard working people need hard working machines. We at Elite Metal Tools pride ourselves in providing tools that are as tough and reliable as the people who use them.
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