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Landscape Edging Buyers Guide

Submitted by mattk on Thu, 03/12/2020 - 11:26

Whether it’s a backyard or the front of a business, landscaping should be treated as a work of art—one that leaves a lasting impression. Like most artwork, landscaping is the combination of several elements. The goal is to seamlessly blend the natural world with the man-made. A tool used to balance these elements is flexible landscape edging. The best of which are the products from Permaloc Edging, an edging solutions provider committed to sustainability, quality, and product innovation.

Choosing the right edging for your project can be challenging. With hundreds of options, it can be difficult to understand what you need. We know that you want to choose the right edging the first time, so it can stand the test of time in your beautiful landscaping. This is why we’ve compiled this useful guide, outlining your options for Permaloc Edging.

What is Permaloc Landscape Bed Edging?

Though just one of the applications for Permaloc products, their landscape bed edging is both the most popular and versatile edging type. All Permaloc edging is high-grade aluminum and comes in a variety of colors to match the aesthetics of different installations. All paint is electrostatically applied and baked in a process called DuraFlex. This flexible paint is built to not flake, chip, or fade. Permaloc Landscape Edging will not move unless you want it to. Their sturdy 12” and 18" stakes are barbed to stay put and will not lift from frost heave. Permaloc’s line of landscape bed edging is perfect for residential and commercial use, and easy enough to install without a professional.

Permaloc CleanLine Landscape Edging


Landscape Bed Material

Landscape beds come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your design and vision of the end result, you may need different types of edging. The first consideration to make is the type of bedding materials you are using. The most popular bedding materials, soil and mulch, do not require as much retention strength. All of Permaloc’s landscape bed edging can be used for applications with soil and mulch—this includes the CleanLine, CleanLine XL, ProSlide, ProSlide LT, and ProLine product lines. Heavier materials such as gravel, stone, and glass cullet require a slightly higher retention strength. It is recommended to use CleanLine, CleanLine XL, or ProSlide for these applications to reduce bowing and flattening of your bed. Raised landscape beds require the most retention strength of all bed applications. Also, this application requires the largest heights. Because of this, we recommend using the CleanLine, CleanLine XL, and ProSlide lines. If your raised bed material is stone, it is also recommended to use the 3/16th width options to guarantee minimal flex in your bed edging. 

High Retention Strength of Permaloc Landscape Edging
High Retention Strength of Permaloc ProSlide Edging


Landscape Bed Size & Shape

Other application questions worth considering include bed size and shape. This mainly determines the section length required—8 feet of 16 feet. For obvious reasons, when landscape beds are positioned against a wall or structure the 16-foot sections are more practical for installation and price purposes. For the same reason, small beds may only need the 8-foot section length. Popular small bed applications include fully-closed circles, the following image shows the sizes of circles made from single sections. Finally, if your design dictates cornered beds, all Permaloc aluminum edging can be angled by cutting the bottom ½ of the edging and bending to the desired angle. (For more information on forming angles, see Installation steps below)

Making Circles with Landscape Edging



In regards to its function, there is no difference in the array of color options for Permaloc landscape edging. Rather, the options allow you to match your landscape elements to the edging. The color options for the CleanLine and ProSlide Landscape Edging is a Mill Finish, Black DuraFlex, Green DuraFlex, Bronze DuraFlex, and a Black Anodized. Not only does anodized aluminum look fantastic, but it is a great option for harsh environments and a great alternative to the DuraFlex paint. The Black Anodized color option is not available for ProLine edging.

Color Options For ProSlide and CleanLine Landscape Edging


Though primarily used for raised beds, taller landscape edging can also be used to make more distinct lines in your landscape installation; creating a distinct separation from bed materials. Utilizing taller edging options, such as the CleanLine XL lineup, gives opportunity to create raised or dropped beds. This not only adds depth to the design of your landscaping, but also aids in slowing the effects erosion. It is worth noting that, when installed properly, Permaloc landscaping edging will not be damaged by a lawn mower. When positioning and staking your edging, the top will either be higher than a blade guard or lower than an average blade.

CleanLine XL Height Differences



CleanLine, CleanLine XL, & ProLine

  1. Dig landscape trench 1" (25mm) deeper than the edging being set.

  2. Set the edging into the landscape trench with the top 1/2" (12.5mm) above what will become the compacted finish grade. (The installer can connect the adjacent sections of the edging prior to or after the sections are placed in the trench.) Where connections are needed on curves, the installer will find that connecting sections prior to installing will allow for faster completion.

  3. Start at the beginning of the bed area and begin driving the included 12" or 18” aluminum stakes.

  4. Snap down the adjacent sections if not already connected.

  5. At the end of the bed area, cut the section to the desired length and stake down. Begin your next bed area with the remaining portion of the cut section.

CleanLine, CleanLine XL, & ProLine Installation Instructions

ProSlide & ProSlide LT

  1. Locate border line of edging with string or other means to assure border straight­ness and curves as designed. Dig landscape trench 1" (25mm) deeper than the edging is being set.

  2. Set edging into trench with top at½ inch (12.7 mm) above compacted finish grade on turf side with side having loops for stakes placed on opposite side of turf. Drive stakes through edging loops until locked in place.

  3. Connect adjacent edging sections by sliding the ends into each other with a minimum of 2 inches (50.8mm) of overlap.

  4. At the end of the bed area, cut the section to the desired length or if minimal length remains simply slide edging further together. Begin your next bed area with the remaining portion of the cut section.

  5. Backfill both sides of edging, confirm and adjust if necessary that sections are securely held together, and compact backfill material along edging to provide top of edging at 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) above turf finish grade.

ProSlide and ProSlide LT Installation Instructions


How To Buy

Elite Metal Tools has created the first ever Digital Landscape Edging Consultant. Every product page gives you control to find the perfect edging for your project. Choose your options; color, height, gauge, section length, ect. and narrow down your search. Buying edging has never been made easier! Check it out now for CleanLine, CleanLine XL, ProSlide, ProSlide LT, and ProLine. As always, if you have any questions, or would like to know more about our landscape edging, give us a call at 281-241-9504 or shoot us an email at sales@elitemetaltools.com