Marvel 15 HP 460V Three Phase Horizontal Post Style Band Saw PA700 HD


Manufacturer Part: EMT ID:
PA700HD (460V)

  • Capacity: 28” x 32” Rectangle (711 x 812mm), 28” Round (711mm), 11.2” Min. Clamp Width
  • EPC Programmable Control
  • 15 HP Motor
  • 2-5/8” Blade
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Specifications and Features

  • Capacity: 28” x 32” Rectangle (711 x 812mm), 28” Round (711mm), 11.2” Min. Clamp Width
  • Blade: 2.63” L x .060” W x 27’4” H (67 x 1.6 x 8300 mm)
  • Heavy Duty Construction: The saw frame is constructed of .75” (19 mm) plate stock with a 12” (305 mm) square tube running across its top to prevent deflection when the blade is put under tension.
  • Blade Tension: Hydraulically controlled tension (40,000 psi) provides consistent square cutting accuracy. The Motion Detector will shut the machine off should a blade break or stall.
  • Speed Range: 50 – 260 feet per minute (15 – 79 meters per minute) infinitely variable through a constant torque inverter drive. Extra heavy-duty bronze bearing worm gear transmission. The broad speed range allows for optimum cutting of stainless, tool steels, alloys and nickel-based materials.
  • Hydraulic Shuttle Feed: Length settings of 0 - 20” (0 – 305 mm) are made using the EPC Control. The heavy-duty cast-iron shuttle table travels on two large hardened and chromed cylindrical ways assuring cutoff length accuracy. Repeatability is + .005 per index.
  • EPC Programmable Control: Conveniently located on the operator’s control panel, this touch screen control allows the operator to program and store up to nine jobs. Inputs include Part Lengths from 0 to 400” (in inches up to 3 decimal places) and Number of Pieces to be cut. The Blade Speed is displayed on and set using the touch screen, but is not stored in memory. The Automatic Piece Counter stops each job when the pre-set number of cuts have been made. The control provides the option of running up to 20 jobs consecutively. The shuttle maximum single stroke is 20”.
  • Hydraulic Down Feed: Feed rate and feed pressure can be controlled independently for fast, accurate cutting. Setup is simplified by the color-coded dial that allows the operator to select the optimum setting for the type of material being cut. Both settings are made at the operator’s control station.
  • Motors: Blade Drive: 15 H.P. (11.25 kW). Hydraulic Pump Motor: 5 H.P. (3.7 kW). Coolant Pump Motor: .25 H.P. (.1875 kW).
  • Voltage: 460V, 3-Phase
  • Blade Guides: Hydraulic controlled solid carbide blade guides are actuated when the machine’s hydraulic system is started to assure the blade is held taut for fast, accurate cuts. The cast iron guide arms are positioned automatically when the machine vise jaw is set in position.
  • Piece Counter: The machine will stop the automatic cycle when a predetermined number of cuts have been reached.
  • Out-of-Stock Switch: The machine will shut off automatically when material is no longer present in the rear vise jaws, allowing for truly automatic operation.
  • Chip Brush: Powered from the main drive shaft of the saw, the brush changes speed along with the blade to assure that chips are being removed from each gullet of the blade, improving cutting performance and blade life.
  • Fast Approach: Work height is automatically set allowing the head to raise just enough to clear the work-piece, reducing cycle time and allowing for faster cutting performance.
  • Cut Indicator Light: Positioned directly over the work area to provide better illumination of the cutting area, the work light can be turned on and off independently from the operator’s control panel.
  • Vice Jaws: Hydraulic Full Stroking. Front jaws are split to reduce the remnant to as little as 3” (76 mm). The split vise jaws also help to reduce burrs left on the material and are ideal for bundle cutting. Holding the work piece on both sides of the blade reduces blade vibration, providing more accurate cuts and longer blade life.
  • Weight Capacity: The machine’s weight capacity is 30,000 lbs. allowing cutting of solids and billets to the machine’s maximum capacity. (Pull weight capacity is the same when equally supported on rollers)
  • Zero Point Trim: Provides automatic detection of front of work piece to eliminate the need for a reference cut saving time and material.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Capacity: 26.5 gal (100 L)
  • Coolant Fluid Capacity: 26.5 gal (100 L)
  • Crated Machine Weight: 8,000 lbs (3629 kg)
  • Table Height: 28” (711 mm)


  • Roller Table: 6' free standing dead roller table
  • Variable Vise Pressure: Hydraulic clamping pressure to the work holding jaws can be adjusted as required to hold solid or thin wall material, allowing the piece to be held securely and without distortion.
PA700HD (460V)
Shipping Method
8,000 lb
168 × 90 × 108 in
Country of Origin
United States of America
1 Year
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Marvel 15 HP 460V Three Phase Horizontal Post Style Band Saw PA700 HD
  • Marvel 15 HP 460V Three Phase Horizontal Post Style Band Saw PA700 HD at Elite Metal Tools
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