Kwikool 5 Ton 60,000 BTU 230V 3PH Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner KCA6023

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  • 60,000 BTU/H – 5 Ton capacity air cooled
  • Runs on 230V 50-amp 3PH circuit
  • All Direct Drive Blowers for Maintenance Free Use
  • Wide Operating range of 60ºF-105ºF
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The Model KCA6023 (nominal 5-ton or 60,000 BTU) is designed to be the smallest unit possible for its capacity. The Ceiling Master Series is KwiKool’s Line of permanent mount, above-ceiling units. With its no-frills features, high sensible cooling, and low profile, the KCA6023 is ideal for places with high heat loads and limited floor space. Often times the solution for cooling small server and IDF rooms, video editing studios, auto and airline repair staging areas, telecom closets, and offices with a lot of electronic equipment. KCA air-cooled models are easy to install, perform and outlast the competition with its small size, high efficiency, and lower cost.

The built-in mounting supports on the unit’s base allow for easy installation by a qualified mechanical contractor above a drop ceiling, using standard, off-the-shelf hardware. KwiKool’s self-contained design also eliminates the need for refrigerant connections, further reducing installation costs. All Ceiling Master Series units come with three mounted flanges, which allow duct connection for hot air exhaust, and cold air supply and return. The KCA6023 runs on a standard 230-volt/50-amp 3-phase circuit and uses any 20-volt thermostat. The condenser is powered using direct drive motors, eliminating any belt maintenance. The unit also comes with an internal high lift condensate pump.


  • 60,000 BTU/H – 5-ton capacity air cooled
  • Compact yet Powerful
  • Runs on 230V 40 amp circuit
  • High Sensible Cooling – Ideal for Server Room Applications
  • All Direct Drive Blowers for Maintenance Free Use
  • THD Technology – Twin Direct Hyper Drives (Some Models)
  • High Static Cold Air Blower for up to 4 ducts for Cold Air Distribution to Hot Spots
  • Works with Almost All Thermostats
  • Signal Output Connects to Building Control System
  • Works with fire alarm Control for Safety Shut Off
  • Internal High Pressure 20-ft. Lift Condensate Pump with Overflow Cutoff
  • Automatic Low Pressure Switch
  • Manual High Pressure Switch
  • Hot Gas Bypass for Freeze Protection
  • Easy Access Service Ports
  • Compressor Short Cycle Protection
  • Automatic Fan Overload Protection
  • Non-CFC Refrigerants


  • COOLING CAPACITY                       
    • BTU/hr @ 95F at 60%  60,000 (5-Ton)
  • COMPRESSOR DATA                      
    • Compressor Type: Hermetic Recip.
    • Operating Temperatures: 60-95 F 50%RH
    • Refrigerant: 407C
  • FAN DATA                         
    • Evaporator                        
      • Fan Type (Centrifugal): Direct Drive
      • Air Flow (CFM): 2000
      • Cold Air Supply: 14" Collar
      • Cold Air Return: 20" Collar
    • Condenser                         
      • Operating Temperatures: 60-105 F 50%RH
      • Fan Type (Centrifugal): THD Direct Drive
      • Air Flow (CFM): 3500
      • Condenser Duct Outlet Flange: 16" Collar
      • Condenser Duct Max. Length: 65'
  • ELECTRICAL DATA                          
    • Power Supply (Volts): 208/230 Three Phase
    • Current Consumption (Amps): 28.3/25.7
    • Power Consumption (kW): 9.2
    • Maximum Circuit Breaker (Amps): 50
    • Recommended Breaker Size: 40
    • Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Amps): 35.125
    • Min./Max. Voltage: 195-225/210-250
  • DIMENSIONAL DATA                     
    • Width x Depth x Height (Inches): 24" x 57.5" x 25"
    • Weight (Lbs.): 405
    • Shipping Weight (Lbs.): 453
  • SAFETY DEVICE DATA                    
    • Compressor Overload: Internal
    • Fan Motor Overload: Automatic Internal
    • Evaporator Freeze Protection: Hot Gas Bypass
    • High Pressure Switch: Manual
    • Low Pressure Switch: Automatic
    • Compressor Short Cycle: Yes
    • Automatic Restart: Yes
    • Thermostat Type: Customer supplied
    • Condensate Pump Overflow: Yes
    • Condensate Pump Type: Internal High lift 20' of head
    • Fire Alarm Control Safety Shutoff: Yes
    • Alarm Output for Building Automation: Yes
Shipping Method
LTL Freight
453 lb
29 × 63 × 35 in
Country of Origin
United States of America
1 Year
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Kwikool 5 Ton 60,000 BTU 230V 3PH Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner KCA6023
  • Kwikool 5 Ton 60,000 BTU 230V 3PH Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner KCA6023 at Elite Metal Tools
  • Kwikool 5 Ton 60,000 BTU 230V 3PH Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner KCA6023 at Elite Metal Tools
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