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Asphalt has been widely used to pave roadways since the 1920's. Sometimes referred to as flexible pavement, asphalt is able to deform and distribute weight effectively and return to its original form. Asphalt surfaces are created to withstand high-volume roadways, having an average traffic volume of over 1,200 vehicles per day in the US. Advantages of asphalt roadways include a low cost compared to other paving methods, and relatively reduced road noise. Asphalt is also easier to repair than the alternatives. Material similar to modern-day concrete dates back to 6,500 BCE; structures made of these materials are still standing today. This is a testament to the strength of concrete. The first street in the US paved with concrete was Court Avenue in Bellefontaine, Ohio in 1893. The major advantage of paving with concrete is its durability over time as well as the ease with which it can be altered to be used in complex situations. America's infrastructure is built with strong materials by strong people. We at Elite Metal Tools are proud to provide the most reliable tools in the industry to the men and women who create a means to safely travel on our roads.
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